Sunday, 30 December 2012

Coloured Life

Even when a heart breaks the light can shine through

Will you paint my portrait ….I did and my colour grew

I have nothing here to hide

I see my life in colours

But do you know how I feel

I colour my crowd

I never shade what is real

Reality to the abstract

My inward colour is where I understand

I capture what I feel and I see

I will paint my portrait

I have nothing here to hide

People who I have loved

Can be seen around my eyes

I will paint and paint my life in colours

My portrait… Rocking Still……was the start

I am to paint all colours formed by life

God gave…

He gave me a hand an eye and most of all my heart…………………………..

Saturday, 29 December 2012








I read this…. a statement…. copied it and thought to myself … I hope this is me…


‘Beauty in my opinion has nothing to do with looks

It’s how you are as a person ….and

It’s how you make others feel ABOUT THEMSELVES…..


look my heart is still

It’s not the end

Let the sky fall

When it crumbles

I will stand

Sky fall is where we start

where Worlds collide

You may have my name my number …but not my heart

I will stand Rock Still Tall Till My End

Momentarily stall

Bring me to my Rainbows End

Time is all………………………..


Don’t spend too long pondering on rocky shores….. and think that the reason why the shores are not calm …is because …Being… feels wrong.

Sky falls all the time… find the true colours for you…. Rainbows are pure split colour… people sometimes take too long to be split ; because they don’t wish to show the colours they conceal… be aware….. realise the colours inside are not always warmth …


Spending too long thinking colours which had been hardened because of the past….made me blind to reality…. but past is not an excuse for bad behaviour… which then is tried to be hidden behind.

I am not going to be dulled by a dull heart…. I need and deserve a true and warmer one … we all deserve that…..


Christmas is about warmth and hearts………….I was not with one who understood that…. my happiness is not to be with this…… 


Time now for my future path …2013…..colour is me……..


Friday, 28 December 2012


It was my birthday on Dec 23 rd..

I have a twin sister who doesn’t talk to me…. who probably doesn’t even know this blog exists…….she fell out with me and leaves her heart where it is cold….. I have tried but it seems it cannot be reached…. giving up is all I can do now.

When Christmas arrives it can leave some interesting marks…. marks of light and shade and marks that are left with an edge of fuzziness…(not necessarily from the par-taking of alcohol)…..fuzziness is how I feel at the moment…. I feel like I am half rubbed away ….and my skin feels brazed and a little bruised.. and slightly grey inside… when it should be glowing with the warmth of love…………..

I have had a very odd time …. this last 48 plus hours… it has been interspersed with great anticipation and great sadness…. and a lump which stuck in my throat toooo long….

I didn’t have a present to open on Christmas day… I watched someone else unwrapping the warmth …but there was none given in return….

I have been inside a Cathedral in a very beautiful place which touched my eyes and soul…. and made me feel so warm

It ‘s horrible to feel cold… especially when the coldness is one which you don’t ask for… nor deserve

How I love candles and the glow they give with their beautiful aromas …..

I wish all warmth could always stay with us… but alas we will all be cold one day…

I heard something quite profound which made me listen …. it was about love… it went like this… and I thought about it when I entered the Cathedral two days ago…

‘If as a child you are not touched by love and therefore cannot recognise it …. in later life it takes longer to learn what its for…’ 

How true is this …me thinks….

I also heard this …….’ there are only two reasons we ever do anything…. one is love…the other is fear..’

I had a love once …. who is still in my warmth….he has only stepped away….

But this is what we all should understand…..’only those who recognise the smell the light and the warmth of love will hold it’…

Christmas …should be full of warmth…

Be WARM all of you …………….. 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

This was a poem is one I wrote before the Christmas of 2012……it was about the person who nearly destroyed my life who was full of lies ….. I did not know it’s significance until I saw the Holly Tree being cut down in front of my eyes , on the morning of that December Year…. I had met this person under this tree years previously and he became a person who became very destructive and lied to me…. I feel the tree was meant to be cut down… as it was in Gods plan and it sat in his holy garden inside the church yard… and he knew( I feel )that this person was someone who had to be banished..thank heavens he was watching over me….I cannot believe how far I have come since that time …. my life is just full of amazing colour… and these colours are colours I should have had many years ago…so I am full in my soul and humbled by the power which we cannot touch only feel in our hearts………………….

The Holly Thorns

Christmas time….. Holly…. Stakes

Cut down tree in front of me….

Better now than never

Never would have been too late

Christmas church holly tree

Snow from a passing December year

Footsteps walked, coloured... strata

Now I walk a different sphere

Owned footsteps alone, I watch with voice surpassed

Passing by with Mary

Holding onto business plans……. I stand and view my past

Mary told about this tree and how it has been so consumed

Cutting down I witnessed in this morning noon

Was this meant for my eyes a closure on this mistake?

Had this been a plan this morn…. spirits arranging my walking date

It is now the third of December last year the snow was tall

User … Always…. Late

Walking In my land, tissues full of lies

A disguise a fate to fall

No more held footsteps

A passing out degree

A graduation, a pierced heart, a mind strong, not small in me

Now over finally with this new awakening dawn

I witness thorns broken….

A holly tree cut down

A reminder tremor of piercing torn

I want my life away from all abusive spines

I watch I vow this now

My passing out my sign

Forward only no looking back, no knots or ties

My white feather guarding

From those false and full of lies

A closure for all I measure… I recognize… disguise

Friday, 7 December 2012

Rainbows in Havana………………..diamond lights in the SKY



This photograph I took looking over Havana City …. arriving the day…Sandy the hurricane hit the East Coast of the Island… we in Havana were in the West…. it then went onto New York.

The sea was mustiness and rough… and very scary winds…. the hotel was 19 floors up and this was a view from the window around five o'clock in the afternoon .

The reason why I have posted it…is…. Rainbows seem to follow me around since I met the man I was with……. No Idea why… somebody knows???????

The day I arrived home I was then featured  on the Janice Long show … talking to Sara Cox on Radio 2…about my jet lag , Havana, Sandy the hurricane and my paintings … and my studio … it was amazingly weird the coincidence … I have lots of paintings I have brought back with me in miniature form about to be exploded …like the life and colours of a rainbow… excited about them… even though they are in my head….like diamonds in the sky……..

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


ART is where I shed a Masterpiece

Art is where I shed coloured; rain

If you were the Mono Lisa, every -one would come and see

Everyone is not the same

It seems to me that’s who I am

A …ME……………

Eyes to view, looking wide to unlock sky

A rare and priceless piece of art my heart clock…… in my mind’s eye

I will not renounce my soul I will only paint lies from me

I stand in front of my masterpiece

I cannot tell you how it hurts so much…holding rainbow sky

My hand to eye my heart it cried

I am resilient, but I stand alone with angels who stand guard by me

A wounded woman painting marks….

Tiny particles of light fused hopefully confronting sparks

Honesty……. it sometimes hurts

To be a chosen one

To be the one to paint and write a masterpiece; my love for art

Where once I was held in deep repose a chamber dark

A miracle of paint marks; hidden….. living inside ;which then arose

I am a master piece ………I have now attached

Unlike a thief in the night; he who goes…

Leaving me with painful eyes; wound marks; …..done

Lengths of pain belonging to the chancer’s clan…..but I have won

I can’t tell you why it hurts so much…to paint a master piece….but it can

But you cannot feel…. as I do my soul

The strength that lives inside

Is to attach you, to feeling growth

My prize is to paint a World; I am now left stripped without disguise

To touch others with what life moves inside

Marks, strokes which have begun

That is my note for all to queue

My life being now creativity

Out came a flowing river once held now new

Now each eye and hand is used to make my marks

My loudest note is in my hand ; I paint always with my heart

March 17th 2011……..this was started … I have now fine tuned it……hope you like it …it is about truth.

Friday, 19 October 2012

A Poem … for my Rainbow



Waiting for that formula for love is a rare find

I never knew a formula could hold a heaven to stop time

A chemistry fusion …understanding bruises


The fusion now moments …surviving love blasts

A connection to fizz…a hope fusion to last


These elements fall rockets from skies

Where insides…get lit…where elements fly


Inside these two arm folds… interactions’ take place

The richness and depth formed a sincere and sure space

A recipe blown in from chemistry lace


Colours fuse now hitting arc’s made from light

Holding pain they now vow to mix meld and blend their eye-sight


Losing is how love always wins

Everyone colours from bruises…


Bruised these two strong elements have fused

A taste once bitter in empty throats once bereft

Is to understand humans who abuse DSC04166


Formulas that work in a secure merging love….

A truth colour……. unbelievably vivid

Rainbows and Skies

Paintings ……….embracing going forward with living

A prescription fusion; for bruises

A Poem about the excitement…. in my studio last Tuesday ..Oct 16th 2012

The Best is Yet to Come……..for the Girls

Why this paint

Why this boozy adrenalin cocktail space

Nothing much can happen when we are shaking with our laughter face

We are some of us beginners … but nothing is at stake

As long as we are still smiling…. paint is to forsake

We are absolutely fun…. filled in this unique light

We lose all the stress field

We only eat the cake….and denounce all the fight

We chill with the’ mekiss ‘…Lizme

Who we sing to… laugh with…. flying on our wings in our creative flight



Artiztime Studio Oct 16 2012

Artiztime is our time…. a time we chill in… its better then any cocktail… except when you accidently put the paintbrush in the wine glass…. check out the video… I hope you all like the excitement I feel… I am so inspired to write about my lovely arty friends we have such fun……………………


Friday, 12 October 2012

Connections……….things happen for reasons

Without sounding weird…. I am such a firm believer in things happening for reasons…when they do, most of the time we survive them, but maybe don’t understand their significance …

I have been invited to paint a story … the story is to be attached to a very old hall … stately home in my area… the story will be about the connection we make with timing and occasions and love … ‘My heart is my loudest note’ is painted on a heart which overhangs in my cottage… so taking up this challenge is one I will relish..

I have seen lots of sides to love… and to paint the connection of marriage which is a declaration for this emotion… I have knowledge in abundence… I however will be painting a story based on the footsteps we all take to enter a new lane/road/path…. I have lots of new ideas to bring to the canvas… just need to get started………..(but when I do… I can’t usually stop)


I photographed a couple in the most amazing place …it was in Venice… and the couple asked me to take a photo of them together in St Marks square when I was there this last August… I promptly took the photo for them.. was about to walk away, when the man in the couple asked me to take another photo… and in front of me while I was pressing the button on the camera… got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend … I was shocked as the square was full of hundreds of people… I was singled out…why???? I ask myself why??? was it a flook… I don’t believe it was… I am now to paint that moment in time for them to keep for ever … an heirloom for them to have… how wonderful is this…. or significant…was it meant to happen for them and for me….??? I don’t believe in things happening at random… they are meant to… in my opinion… I am uploading a photo of my studio.. it was taken last Tuesday evening

I love painting there…

Lizzie x 



DSC04916New Students work…. working towards a piece of abstract work… keep going Sam.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


You never know what is over the horizon… this cat this tiger who is outside somewhere taking us on a hunting you down ride.


My daughter has lost her cat George and we are all heart broken… I am going to run in the morning through the fields to call his name… for all my lungs will allow me…


I hope I can be her hero and find him… he is so lovely…Image1466my  shoes will be running to find him.x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


If you have an insight into my life …. then you must be a heart which I trust…


For those who have this… you will understand the poem….


I have been feeling my Janet… she has brought amazing colours into my life… she was a Golden Angel.


And I loved so much.

My Janetxx



Like a nun I know where my heart belongs

I guarded my heart because I want to give it to you

It was lost in deceit

But it has found a home

A well held truth

My heart will never give up; never say good-bye

My heart held truth of a love will never lie

For my heart can never be told that this love will die

To love……

I live with my heart in my hands

Knowing your heart has walked from lies also from shifting sand



Suitcase zipped words false; spoken proof

My heart also had been shut down… inside like your pain

It felt afraid and felt cold

Glimpsed suddenly two graves I viewed my youth….Caught inside where I shed rain…a bolt of black suits


My World drowning

I had to cope from told lies

With a final gasp this heart is barely alive


I survived a Titanic; held under in deep darkness; under depth to cope to claim


Meeting you has brought joy to this nearly LOST HEART and its thoughts

You live in my hour’s minute’s seconds; a new stillness you have brought

Your existence… understood clues….Inside my heart

Sacrifices;  gestures I am a new sleuth


No need to worry anymore

For I know you only speak truth





 Praying with my big wish…to my Janet for my heart


Awaiting it watched……through rain drops to start

A dawn …. Rainbows…

Looking to the sky….. a crown of colour was born for my eyes.


Written to shed light from a Rainbow…. xx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Paintings …. the Promise

I am so happy I could almost cry…. the children… all of eleven years…who I took to my exhibition… loved my paintings and they actually understood the story…. it was so good watching them discover the meaning behind the series… it felt so good… I felt so happy and yet amazed at the astuteness of their minds…. and the emotion they showed when they all stood and gazed like open mouthed fish, to acknowledge their teacher …. ME.

One of the boys actually liked the painting of the face of the bride… which accompanies the poem … Behind My Eyes… here it is … you have already had a sneak view of the you can see it all… please view my video. x




Behind My EyesDSC03874

In the state of undress

Walking forwards to be dressed in WHITE

Is this enough for me …is this it, for the rest of my life?

Will it be enough for ..THIS.. my commitment…to be a chosen wife?

Am I too expecting?


I wish for chaste insight?

Looking for a mirror……… ..Deep pools of heaviness I fight.

I have a beautiful heart

My dress it unfolds with lace

Upward is a dull sky

Is this a sign for my future space?

Will my love remain….a covered shelter?

Where no excitement steals my face!

Am I to be in my APPOINTED room?

Is this the man I planned, has it happened all too quick too soon

If I ever lose this MAN?….. The love I am to merge

Will my colours fade into cloudy days?

If I stare long enough will my fears disperse?

I’m being followed by my heavy heart

Worried.why is it, inside I cry?

Am I being negative and too absurd…I have thought behind my eyes.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Moving On

Have you ever been somewhere and thought… I remember… so many memories… so many times… so many hours… that we should like to forget.

I have recently had dreams … which have led me to remember… and I so want them to go away.

I am to make a video tomorrow… and I have so much to do in one day… it is scary… so I will not stay long talking to you… I have been involved with teaching poetry today… which is one of my passions… the people involved with morning of poetry liked the detail and subject matter of the piece… its about a journey which came for me… not expected not really planned … but oh! so amazing… I will never forget the day I experienced it.

I will never; I think … forget the day… I met a man called Pete…..he has come into my pathway to help me start another journey… I am aware that I can have this journey now… as I know how you need to run it..

Here is the poem about the day… I ran… I know that day now… it was so necessary for my future journeys… it proved to me how strong I can be… and that I can survive… without … but I oh! so want to be with; and not without; a love for my life… I cant stop smiling and want this smile to stay… those who have a relationship which makes them smile will connect with the emotion I am feeling…I hope you are all smiling..x

Here is the poem… I wrote it in 2009… about the day I spent running the London Marathon.. 


A Journey Necessary

I ran my perfect race

The day the sun came out

I walked into the Blue Coral

And cried out with screams and shouts

I met a man from KIWI land

His time with me was now

We both knew it had been a plan

But we had no idea just how?

A Rocking Bella was on my vest

And a signature of love

A tale of whom and what I knew

And words describing mountain paths I’VE trod

I had the knowledge

A lady, big C

A woman who was so kind

A trainer a friend

She had become to me

And with her

I race with my mind

I knew the place I had to go

The pace I had to work

I felt the zone the air

The Marathon

My destiny



His songs, a need to win

My true hearts

Are close to me

Close to me in my mind

They make my heart feel necessary

And together we will find

The ending the finish

The line

The line I have to cross

The future

The footprints planted

Now a race to stamp, not loss

The River

The Sky

The Bridge

The Tower

The Palace

The Chipping Ridge

The miles and gels for time

The mixtures of life

The people who rhyme

The perfect race

The perfect race for me

I had seen this in a dream

Which, then became reality

My destiny

My space

Today this could be

The greatest Journey of my life



I can feel my strength

Which, overcame my strife

This journey is so necessary

So necessary to me

My heart is in this World

I feel so alive

Running with my



With me


Monday, 11 June 2012

Time to Reveal

The week is later and time has past… and posting the past …. is the involvement which my paintbrush has had in my creative series of paintings.

I am shortly to reveal the paintings to the World of the Internet.. and you..

I was so aware of a time which I may never have chosen to have, painting with my paintbrush this story this sequence of events… which now hangs for all to view… but the story it reveals could easily of been about anyone of you, you who could have pondered for a while, gazed at your future steps … and perhaps realised that in hindsight… the path you walked down… towards a church… was not the path which was to make you happy… IN THE END…

The series includes the poetry which is inset with the story … and reveals the connection and thought processes behind the event.

I hope you enjoy…

DSC03672A very busy studio about to loaded for the gallery…



DSC03721white light…. you will understand why…

DSC03880thought  behind my eyes………


Faces for you to ponder over and come to understand …… I hope you find the story something you can connect to…

Be  back with the rest soon …Lizziex

Thursday, 7 June 2012

My Jubilee

Thank you so much for reading my blog…everyone… you are popping up from all over our World… it looks amazing on my plan of our planet… I have so much exciting news to share..

The first is that my new exhibition has been received very well; I was so thrilled at how it sits in the exhibition space…the lady who owns the gallery is a genius at hanging … and it looks so much more together and tells such a deep insight story about commitment and marriage that you all must watch it on U tube linked with this blog… I am to go and film it this very week end..and hope I do a better job this time now I know about movie making.

My next exciting news…is that I have met a man … which I want to get involved with…and I am hoping he feels the same… he and I seem to have hit it off very quickly….I feel that this has got to be a very good sign for our future pathway… but as they say …and I have written about this in a poem which is part of my new exhibition for you all to read … ‘plan to be surprised’ … and that is exactly what has happened … I have been very surprised… I will keep you all posted.. I am signing off now … as I have one million and on things to do today…. I will leave you with an exhort from my exhibition… my poem… titled

Plan to be Surprised


Plan to be Surprised

If you have a plan

Plan to be surprised

If things don’t turn out how you expected

A plan will materialize

Waiting by the clock that stopped

Waiting for his eyes

Waiting for a book to open

Waiting to read insight

I don’t know why I feel so scared

I feel it all the same

I feel I want to be the one

Both feeling mad….feeling emotion too insane

This madness which is not a word

But an ability to feel a latch an attachment to help a spark

Is a mad silence, two possible dealt cards….

A ring a steal exchange… around two hearts

From two heady lives

I want to enclose my heart


I hope you like it…. and I hope you like the rest of the collection which is to follow shortly… Lizzie x

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I just hate machinery….I hate machinery

This is a very quick blog… I have taken my series of paintings to the gallery tonight… and I am still up trying to make me printer work… as I need to print a poem which was left out by mistake…. it is driving me mad because it just will not work…troubleshooted so many times… I want just to throw it at something now… any way going to go to bed… and start again in the morning.. Smile


I will be blogging my new work… check out my new web site … it has just gone live.. newly installed …by my fantastic and talented cousin Lynne… she is a genius… and I love her for how she helps me… she is really and truly a angel needle.. x

Monday, 28 May 2012 this morning Sunday /

Morning photograph of my garden… I’ve had a lovely day … Sunday brought lots of unexpected surprises…


Isn’t the light just fab… you can just feel the newness of the morning in it.. x


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Six thirty in the morning…..

This morning is so beautiful…. I think someone was trying to wake me…. I have taken a photograph of my garden the light is so fresh..

I have a girlfriend, a colleague coming for lunch. Andrea is Swiss, and has lots of talents with languages, alongside her artistic abilities… she is a lovely lady with some very gifted children…. another wonderful heart, who deserves better than that which life has dealt her so far.. I forgot to mention she is also fantastic at renovating houses… she is about to renovate an old barn, so she is on the move again…

I will post a photo of my garden… I took it twenty minutes ago.. it is so still ….and the colours look so different in this light

How life is disappointing sometimes…most of the time… but last night … the commission I painted was received by such a lovely couple, (person the painting was of)…that it made my heart sing… they are about to set off on another chapter of their life journey…. it warmed my heart to watch two fantastic human beings want to change their lives for their dream…we should all learn from them… and applaud them on their way along their journey… God bless you …. Tracy and Ryan…

Here is the poem … I promised you , it is called…


Stabbing came the needle

Surprising hours to make us whole

Darting cotton weaving



Connecting damaged souls

Understanding, helping with…. desires….goals


My needle came

She came to me …with my tearful eye


In watchful days time moves forward for our clock

Needles come to capture hearts … ragged edges they appear, to un- block

Ringing truth reading distance, to help our journey on

It has happened in my life…. my footsteps grow

My needle heart has made them strong



Look for your needles embrace them into you……be aware of them… and believe.


Needles knit the World together… they connect to good hearts and souls…. I so believe that.

I cannot even start to explain how my needle appeared .. only it came from pain… and this lady , has helped me mend.. she is a massive heart.

With love I have written this for her.. xx




Our commissionee…. loved his painting… thank heavens… and we (the running club members had a lovely evening sat in the Scarborough Arms garden … reminiscing and talking about week-ends that we ladies had been on… one funny one being Torquay and the Basil Faulty character… he thought our running club ladies… were toooo hooooot tooooo handle….and a fantastic  laugh was had by all that week-end………………

We are in desperate need for another running away run… lets just hope we can come up with one shortly.


Thursday, 24 May 2012


I am waiting for an important package… a painting to be collected… it is top secret… so I can’t tell you who my commission has been for….

All I can tell you is…. I think it is a good likeness…. especially of him in his uniform…. where he has been very loyal and supportive in his role to our Tickhill inhabitants… we will have to wait and see what he thinks about it….it is a surprise.

My day has been full of contrast… and my mind and heart … are very confused at the moment… but as they say… it will all come out in the wash… cant wait for next Friday….

I have Alexander tomorrow… he is 15 months now and such a scream… he laughs and I laugh… I will probably be in his sand pit and his paddling pool all afternoon tomorrow if it stays hot as I hope it will …..


My grass and my Mia are still loving the sun… but I must go and get changed… I have my painting gear on and I am going to a Zumba class…

Image1433Painted our Zumba instructor for a commission at Christmas just gone…it to was also a surprise… it now sits in her work room.. she loved it ……she is a fantastic instructor…. we love her sense of fun and passion for Zumba….. it rubs off on all of us..when I come back from her class … it feels like we have had a shot of fun and excitement…. it makes you feel fantastic…xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Opening the door to …………Sunshine

The sun came out today… I opened my door and felt the warmth.

I have never seen my cat DSC03560Mia sit in the sun with absolute abandonDSC03557nment to warmth and shear joy before.. how our hearts feel so much warmer when the sun shines……..

I spent my morning drinking coffee and eating a almond quoissant, (my favourites) …. I also love aromatic coffee and I have bought a new brand from Italy… it tasted rather good (will buy this again… will blog the name when I go look… cant just remember it at the moment.)

The conversation over coffee was very interesting … I learnt lots about needles, running and how when we achieve it moves our inner souls.

I remember finishing the London Marathon 2009 and couldn’t stop crying at the end… I was so emotional that has had such an impact upon me and how I strive to accept and how to be everything I want to be ….  I really believe everyone can have the confidence to do anything … if they understand their inner soul…. running or achieving anything we think is not possible for us…. teaches us so much when we do achieve that impossibility we thought we couldn't achieve……. opportunities we are given to shuffle in the cards we are dealt…should be embraced.

I had not known the term …. needles…. in the connotation which was explained to me this morning .. I have written a poem about it… I will let you read it soon…it needs tweaking

I am going to leave you with a photo in the sun……. and the table I had coffee at in my garden this morning…

Oh! and my lovely cat Mia… she is just adorable… and very affectionate. such a sweet natured cat.


Monday, 21 May 2012

My WEEK_END……where did the time GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!




I have not been aware of the time today…I haven’t … the time just disappeared…. How does time just disappear…IT CAN!!!

(Typing this…. Janice Long on Radio 2 has just announced the death of Robin Gibb… how time just disappears… what a talent…so glad he had the time to share his talent to the World for us all along with his brothers..)

Getting back to my day… and my time ……

I started to walk down my garden this morning to be greeted by a face over my wall… it was Ted my neighbour…

‘You’re up early LIzzie’ …

‘Yes’ I said,……’ I have to finish a commission which I have been asked to paint by Saturday… so I am on a mission’…

I also told him that I needed to finish my series of paintings for my exhibition which will be displayed from June 1st for a month…

so I was going to hit the coffee jar and put my favourite music on, and go to it….

………..Eight hours later… I looked up… five cups of coffee a bacon sandwich… (which I made very quickly… when I needed a bathroom break) was all I was conscious of…

I dance to the music … and I am sure my neighbour must think it amusing when he sees this woman dancing around three easels, coffee cup in one hand and paintbrush in the other….I had paint in my hair… and my cat Mia.. was upset that she was being neglected….

I had let her into the studio… but she prefers to sit outside by the stream and stare at the ducks… we have lots of baby ducks at the moment so I must photo them for you…..

Any way …. I am finished bar a few tweaks…. which I try not to do…. when I go back to look at my work….

The title of the series is called ….A Spanish Wedding… it is full of movement ….matadors and fab colours… will let you be the judge…

I have got poetry to go along side it…not sure whether to have them in a book… or to read them and allow people to listen to the poetry as is their want… I will give it some thought… I have a few other ideas as well…

I now have to look after my very tired head… so I will put the light off ….sunshine is on the way to us all , lets hope it brings out the blue sky…love sky…don’t you just love sky…. I will leave this conversation for another evening…. SKY…

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mum… with my daughter and my very new grandson… he is 14mths now…


Radio 2 Janice Long

I always listen to Janice Long… she is the D.J after mid-night on Radio 2 …Late evening…. last evening she mentioned me… she asked people to contact her, to say where they would go and what they would do …. if life and time was not limited by commitment money and family….I told her I would go back to watch the swallow’s dive in Italy… in a Place called Casperia… I loved it so much.. it had a profound effect upon me… I would love to go back and sit a while and write walk and paint… three weeks would cure me…I would hire a car, go to Rome go and explore the countryside around this beautiful place and catch up with Maureen, and Johnny who live in this beautiful place…. someone has looked at this link I think from Italy…I am hoping it will be one of them…if you read this guys… I will hopefully meet you again one day…

I think when I do return I will take my i pad…. I bought it to paint with and help with my business… it is a great toy … I bought it to commemorate my mum , she died last January and when I draw on my i pad , I will always think of her… I am going to attach a photo of her… she is with my daughter… very soon after my grandson was born… she was so thrilled with him…I will draw, a painting of her on my i pad for you to look at when I get the hang of using it.

Thanks mum… you were amazing, and I miss you so…. I will find using this i pad amazing because of you… you xx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Notes … which lay

Have you ever heard a concert in the stamen of a flower?
When you listen with your eyes
Memories come alive
Days nights symphonies of musical showers
Hearing and humming notes in blue sky stairs
Music holds
Inviting reminiscent, essential perfumed air
Fixing on the smell and muse of a cloak
Sounds evoke the soul
And in perfect pitch sits.. past musical strokes
Glistening sunny in the lost long ago lanes
Door slamming
Lots of petals left in pools of rain
I can still hear sounds that you shed
How I loved you the lyrics lay
I hear them still … in the hours I address
I hear them inside my heart and inside my memory musical nest.

The tulips … did this… and I could not help remembering the notes which came flooding in….
My paintbrush will …now be sort..

Discovering …………

I am not ashamed to admit that I can at times be a little forgetful…but to day I forgot that hearing certain music evokes a memory, and within it, can come emotion.

Emotion I discovered today, can come from anywhere… and looking into the centre of a beautiful flower certainly opened up a distant memory.

I bought tulips which I had forgot to plant, and when all the water had subsided… they decided to emerge in the flower pot where I had left and forgot them.

The tulips are called ‘Stephanie’ I know this … because the person who introduced them to me, bought them especially because of their name. 

I have left them on the table now outside my studio, and I think eventually I will use them as a subject to paint an abstract.

It was such a lovely day on Saturday, and I managed to finish a painting which I feel is so beautiful, I cannot wait to show it to you. I think the painting I have finished is as beautiful as these beautiful flowers… I will let you make up your own mind…when I attach my photos of my painting…. I send my new series of paintings to the gallery to be exhibited in June….so as soon as they are hung you will be able to view them.

I have written a poem about the tulips… and will leave it for you to read.

I am attaching photos of the beautiful tulips… aren’t they just the most beautiful delicate colours.



Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rain……. has made me melancholy

I love to write … tonight I wanted to paint…but instead I had to attack my paper work office loookkkkssss aamazzzing …. all tidy and I feel like I have unblocked my head…….so I thought I would share a poem about thoughts and how life is full of colours …. my colours were all mixed up in my office but now they are so clean… and make sense with everything having a place….  I would rather of painted…but I think my colours tomorrow will be clearer somehow….

… I love the smell of rain…its still raining here… I can hear it as I am typing.

I would like to share this with you… (the feathers would be soggy outside tonight).. but isn’t it the case that we never know what will land on our head…….



My life has been a tapestry an ever changing vision of colours some tinted others…. gold

In amongst the dark clouds

I have walked finding lots of feathers which seem to stay with me to hold

My father walked towards me, with colours for my repose

He always gave me a feather to catch for where I ought to go

He held my hand as a little girl to fill and show me where to walk 

Chains are not to be for my gift

In amongst the circuit I have talked

Blinded… and always safe guarding my children

Have been for my adult years and more…now not hidden

My fathers feathers he still gives me … where he sits now in his heaven

I smile at the memories of him… where he encouraged me so much to show my artistic flair

I need now to view the bigger tapestry ….and paint and write …for others to view and stare

To go forward holding and painting……. with my sensitivity

And paint and communicate my unique marks…..given to my hands from heaven….. which he gave to me.


It’s about my dad … I couldn’t be who I am… and grown to be me, without him…. I hope he reads this somewhere up there….. he was a very funny guy … and very sensitive.. thanks DAD.xx for my feathers.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Video Mac Gallery

The posted video below.... was taken in March 2012....  this was my last series of paintings.... called... Layers of new series will be exhibited by the same gallery at the beginning of June.

I will post a video of the new series of paintings for you to watch.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Window Live Writer

Hi everyone…just set up a new live writer on my computer… which will make it easier and faster for me to blog …isn’t technology wonderful… especially when I am lucky to have such an amazing cousin to help me with it all… I am in awe of her knowledge… Lynne you are my internet angel…. and I am so lucky to have you….your wings are so special…I thank the heaven who sent you…maybe it was my sister……..

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Art is the justification for pain.....

I have just watched Bo Bruce ...... on 'The Voice'... I know that I have just watched this girl a unique talent bear her soul...she was truly amazing....I understand the emotion she has just performances are with my paintbrush and pen.

I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT THE PEOPLE WHO SAW MY FIRST EXHIBITION ...and saw my paintings and poetry witnessed ART.... witnessed my inner soul...

I opened my skin to them...which was a scarry thing to do...but the response was ovewhelming

I turned my pain and my poetry into... ART...lots of people then left me their own feelings about my work....

I would like you to read some of them...

I believe my soul and the way I connect with my paintbrush and my pen....
connects to people.....this is my loudest note....

I want the people who follow me and follow this blog to understand that my ART is my soul...

Tickhill Scarecrow Competition Saturday May 5th

Today was very cold ... but people turned out in droves at our annual event being the Scarecrow Competition in the village of Tickhill...

I think we have all been so fed up with the bad weather and gloomy skies...this afternoon was for those wishing to feel smiles....

Lots of smiles were had admiring the fantastic scarecrows from... Spider Man... to lots of the Queen.

I spoke to lots of people interested in my paintings.... studio....and what Artiztime is all about ... and hope they will visit me ...join me in my studio.....and allow their enthusiasm for this subject to break into their lives.....painting in my bespoke and unique space... with me...


Workshops-Painting Days-Artiztime Club Studio Days

Please click onto this timetable to enlarge it, thank you.

Friday, 4 May 2012

The Studio at dusk... so atmospheric....
Students painitng at an Artiztime evening class .... chilling and painting .... forgetting time and the World and its stresses for a while... as you can see on the table the champagne was out tonight... we had something to celebrate.... good news for a change... I love the atmosphere in the is especially amazing at dusk...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I think I will have a glass of champagne tomorrow... had a cathartic moment... this has happened before when I painted the painting Rocking Still... will keep you posted what happen's....

Wednesday, 2 May 2012 excitement

I have been painting in my studio for around five hours... and the colours and my paintbrush is exciting me. This series is about people connected to a spanish wedding ... waiting outside the church.. waiting for the proceedings to get underway... I watched all of it unfolding ...the people were so interesting and the colours were amazing....I get so obsorbed... time just doesn't then exist...its just a is my time... I love it....

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Late my studio

Painted late into the afternoon... I paint two paintings at the same time... have to... I am more inspired doing it this way... and also it gives me time to dance with both of the marks and line textures and colours which I like to sit together..I love marrying the colours and layering the back ground... I love my motler...havn't used anything else since I came back from Spain..Caroline was so right about my working ethic... she is so inspiring to me.... I hope she knows this...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Invitation to Exhibit my New Work June 2012

I have been invited to exhibit my new collection... again at.. The Mac Gallery in Doncaster this June... Please visit last exhibition which was held in March 2012 featuring The Theme Subterfuge and layers of Icing... go onto the Artiztime facebook page and review... or look for the video attached to this blog... comments are appreciated...Lizzie

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rocking Still

I’m a Russian Doll
Falling over standing up
I’m a Bella Woman
Holding on, hoping for my moment
Moving on
I’m a mother giver
A warm encompassing heart
I am a people person
A working life, holding on, no fear, set to restart
I am a beauty giver
A poet feeder alive
A bright flame high on a tower
A mountain path
A flower
I stand on a crevasse
A jagged edge
I thrive on a mountain
A survival species
Wrapped in coloured fountains
I am a rock face
An artist who sculptures words
I am a unique woman
A mother earth......

This is the poem which I wrote about myself ... which I used to inspire the painting... Lizzie