Monday, 14 May 2012

Notes … which lay

Have you ever heard a concert in the stamen of a flower?
When you listen with your eyes
Memories come alive
Days nights symphonies of musical showers
Hearing and humming notes in blue sky stairs
Music holds
Inviting reminiscent, essential perfumed air
Fixing on the smell and muse of a cloak
Sounds evoke the soul
And in perfect pitch sits.. past musical strokes
Glistening sunny in the lost long ago lanes
Door slamming
Lots of petals left in pools of rain
I can still hear sounds that you shed
How I loved you the lyrics lay
I hear them still … in the hours I address
I hear them inside my heart and inside my memory musical nest.

The tulips … did this… and I could not help remembering the notes which came flooding in….
My paintbrush will …now be sort..

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