Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Opening the door to …………Sunshine

The sun came out today… I opened my door and felt the warmth.

I have never seen my cat DSC03560Mia sit in the sun with absolute abandonDSC03557nment to warmth and shear joy before.. how our hearts feel so much warmer when the sun shines……..

I spent my morning drinking coffee and eating a almond quoissant, (my favourites) …. I also love aromatic coffee and I have bought a new brand from Italy… it tasted rather good (will buy this again… will blog the name when I go look… cant just remember it at the moment.)

The conversation over coffee was very interesting … I learnt lots about needles, running and how when we achieve it moves our inner souls.

I remember finishing the London Marathon 2009 and couldn’t stop crying at the end… I was so emotional that has had such an impact upon me and how I strive to accept and how to be everything I want to be ….  I really believe everyone can have the confidence to do anything … if they understand their inner soul…. running or achieving anything we think is not possible for us…. teaches us so much when we do achieve that impossibility we thought we couldn't achieve……. opportunities we are given to shuffle in the cards we are dealt…should be embraced.

I had not known the term …. needles…. in the connotation which was explained to me this morning .. I have written a poem about it… I will let you read it soon…it needs tweaking

I am going to leave you with a photo in the sun……. and the table I had coffee at in my garden this morning…

Oh! and my lovely cat Mia… she is just adorable… and very affectionate. such a sweet natured cat.


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