Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rain……. has made me melancholy

I love to write … tonight I wanted to paint…but instead I had to attack my paper work office loookkkkssss aamazzzing …. all tidy and I feel like I have unblocked my head…….so I thought I would share a poem about thoughts and how life is full of colours …. my colours were all mixed up in my office but now they are so clean… and make sense with everything having a place….  I would rather of painted…but I think my colours tomorrow will be clearer somehow….

… I love the smell of rain…its still raining here… I can hear it as I am typing.

I would like to share this with you… (the feathers would be soggy outside tonight).. but isn’t it the case that we never know what will land on our head…….



My life has been a tapestry an ever changing vision of colours some tinted others…. gold

In amongst the dark clouds

I have walked finding lots of feathers which seem to stay with me to hold

My father walked towards me, with colours for my repose

He always gave me a feather to catch for where I ought to go

He held my hand as a little girl to fill and show me where to walk 

Chains are not to be for my gift

In amongst the circuit I have talked

Blinded… and always safe guarding my children

Have been for my adult years and more…now not hidden

My fathers feathers he still gives me … where he sits now in his heaven

I smile at the memories of him… where he encouraged me so much to show my artistic flair

I need now to view the bigger tapestry ….and paint and write …for others to view and stare

To go forward holding and painting……. with my sensitivity

And paint and communicate my unique marks…..given to my hands from heaven….. which he gave to me.


It’s about my dad … I couldn’t be who I am… and grown to be me, without him…. I hope he reads this somewhere up there….. he was a very funny guy … and very sensitive.. thanks DAD.xx for my feathers.

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