Monday, 14 May 2012

Discovering …………

I am not ashamed to admit that I can at times be a little forgetful…but to day I forgot that hearing certain music evokes a memory, and within it, can come emotion.

Emotion I discovered today, can come from anywhere… and looking into the centre of a beautiful flower certainly opened up a distant memory.

I bought tulips which I had forgot to plant, and when all the water had subsided… they decided to emerge in the flower pot where I had left and forgot them.

The tulips are called ‘Stephanie’ I know this … because the person who introduced them to me, bought them especially because of their name. 

I have left them on the table now outside my studio, and I think eventually I will use them as a subject to paint an abstract.

It was such a lovely day on Saturday, and I managed to finish a painting which I feel is so beautiful, I cannot wait to show it to you. I think the painting I have finished is as beautiful as these beautiful flowers… I will let you make up your own mind…when I attach my photos of my painting…. I send my new series of paintings to the gallery to be exhibited in June….so as soon as they are hung you will be able to view them.

I have written a poem about the tulips… and will leave it for you to read.

I am attaching photos of the beautiful tulips… aren’t they just the most beautiful delicate colours.



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