Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Moving On

Have you ever been somewhere and thought… I remember… so many memories… so many times… so many hours… that we should like to forget.

I have recently had dreams … which have led me to remember… and I so want them to go away.

I am to make a video tomorrow… and I have so much to do in one day… it is scary… so I will not stay long talking to you… I have been involved with teaching poetry today… which is one of my passions… the people involved with morning of poetry liked the detail and subject matter of the piece… its about a journey which came for me… not expected not really planned … but oh! so amazing… I will never forget the day I experienced it.

I will never; I think … forget the day… I met a man called Pete…..he has come into my pathway to help me start another journey… I am aware that I can have this journey now… as I know how you need to run it..

Here is the poem about the day… I ran… I know that day now… it was so necessary for my future journeys… it proved to me how strong I can be… and that I can survive… without … but I oh! so want to be with; and not without; a love for my life… I cant stop smiling and want this smile to stay… those who have a relationship which makes them smile will connect with the emotion I am feeling…I hope you are all smiling..x

Here is the poem… I wrote it in 2009… about the day I spent running the London Marathon.. 


A Journey Necessary

I ran my perfect race

The day the sun came out

I walked into the Blue Coral

And cried out with screams and shouts

I met a man from KIWI land

His time with me was now

We both knew it had been a plan

But we had no idea just how?

A Rocking Bella was on my vest

And a signature of love

A tale of whom and what I knew

And words describing mountain paths I’VE trod

I had the knowledge

A lady, big C

A woman who was so kind

A trainer a friend

She had become to me

And with her

I race with my mind

I knew the place I had to go

The pace I had to work

I felt the zone the air

The Marathon

My destiny



His songs, a need to win

My true hearts

Are close to me

Close to me in my mind

They make my heart feel necessary

And together we will find

The ending the finish

The line

The line I have to cross

The future

The footprints planted

Now a race to stamp, not loss

The River

The Sky

The Bridge

The Tower

The Palace

The Chipping Ridge

The miles and gels for time

The mixtures of life

The people who rhyme

The perfect race

The perfect race for me

I had seen this in a dream

Which, then became reality

My destiny

My space

Today this could be

The greatest Journey of my life



I can feel my strength

Which, overcame my strife

This journey is so necessary

So necessary to me

My heart is in this World

I feel so alive

Running with my



With me


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