Sunday, 27 May 2012

Six thirty in the morning…..

This morning is so beautiful…. I think someone was trying to wake me…. I have taken a photograph of my garden the light is so fresh..

I have a girlfriend, a colleague coming for lunch. Andrea is Swiss, and has lots of talents with languages, alongside her artistic abilities… she is a lovely lady with some very gifted children…. another wonderful heart, who deserves better than that which life has dealt her so far.. I forgot to mention she is also fantastic at renovating houses… she is about to renovate an old barn, so she is on the move again…

I will post a photo of my garden… I took it twenty minutes ago.. it is so still ….and the colours look so different in this light

How life is disappointing sometimes…most of the time… but last night … the commission I painted was received by such a lovely couple, (person the painting was of)…that it made my heart sing… they are about to set off on another chapter of their life journey…. it warmed my heart to watch two fantastic human beings want to change their lives for their dream…we should all learn from them… and applaud them on their way along their journey… God bless you …. Tracy and Ryan…

Here is the poem … I promised you , it is called…


Stabbing came the needle

Surprising hours to make us whole

Darting cotton weaving



Connecting damaged souls

Understanding, helping with…. desires….goals


My needle came

She came to me …with my tearful eye


In watchful days time moves forward for our clock

Needles come to capture hearts … ragged edges they appear, to un- block

Ringing truth reading distance, to help our journey on

It has happened in my life…. my footsteps grow

My needle heart has made them strong



Look for your needles embrace them into you……be aware of them… and believe.


Needles knit the World together… they connect to good hearts and souls…. I so believe that.

I cannot even start to explain how my needle appeared .. only it came from pain… and this lady , has helped me mend.. she is a massive heart.

With love I have written this for her.. xx



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