Thursday, 20 December 2012

This was a poem is one I wrote before the Christmas of 2012……it was about the person who nearly destroyed my life who was full of lies ….. I did not know it’s significance until I saw the Holly Tree being cut down in front of my eyes , on the morning of that December Year…. I had met this person under this tree years previously and he became a person who became very destructive and lied to me…. I feel the tree was meant to be cut down… as it was in Gods plan and it sat in his holy garden inside the church yard… and he knew( I feel )that this person was someone who had to be banished..thank heavens he was watching over me….I cannot believe how far I have come since that time …. my life is just full of amazing colour… and these colours are colours I should have had many years ago…so I am full in my soul and humbled by the power which we cannot touch only feel in our hearts………………….

The Holly Thorns

Christmas time….. Holly…. Stakes

Cut down tree in front of me….

Better now than never

Never would have been too late

Christmas church holly tree

Snow from a passing December year

Footsteps walked, coloured... strata

Now I walk a different sphere

Owned footsteps alone, I watch with voice surpassed

Passing by with Mary

Holding onto business plans……. I stand and view my past

Mary told about this tree and how it has been so consumed

Cutting down I witnessed in this morning noon

Was this meant for my eyes a closure on this mistake?

Had this been a plan this morn…. spirits arranging my walking date

It is now the third of December last year the snow was tall

User … Always…. Late

Walking In my land, tissues full of lies

A disguise a fate to fall

No more held footsteps

A passing out degree

A graduation, a pierced heart, a mind strong, not small in me

Now over finally with this new awakening dawn

I witness thorns broken….

A holly tree cut down

A reminder tremor of piercing torn

I want my life away from all abusive spines

I watch I vow this now

My passing out my sign

Forward only no looking back, no knots or ties

My white feather guarding

From those false and full of lies

A closure for all I measure… I recognize… disguise

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