Thursday, 7 June 2012

My Jubilee

Thank you so much for reading my blog…everyone… you are popping up from all over our World… it looks amazing on my plan of our planet… I have so much exciting news to share..

The first is that my new exhibition has been received very well; I was so thrilled at how it sits in the exhibition space…the lady who owns the gallery is a genius at hanging … and it looks so much more together and tells such a deep insight story about commitment and marriage that you all must watch it on U tube linked with this blog… I am to go and film it this very week end..and hope I do a better job this time now I know about movie making.

My next exciting news…is that I have met a man … which I want to get involved with…and I am hoping he feels the same… he and I seem to have hit it off very quickly….I feel that this has got to be a very good sign for our future pathway… but as they say …and I have written about this in a poem which is part of my new exhibition for you all to read … ‘plan to be surprised’ … and that is exactly what has happened … I have been very surprised… I will keep you all posted.. I am signing off now … as I have one million and on things to do today…. I will leave you with an exhort from my exhibition… my poem… titled

Plan to be Surprised


Plan to be Surprised

If you have a plan

Plan to be surprised

If things don’t turn out how you expected

A plan will materialize

Waiting by the clock that stopped

Waiting for his eyes

Waiting for a book to open

Waiting to read insight

I don’t know why I feel so scared

I feel it all the same

I feel I want to be the one

Both feeling mad….feeling emotion too insane

This madness which is not a word

But an ability to feel a latch an attachment to help a spark

Is a mad silence, two possible dealt cards….

A ring a steal exchange… around two hearts

From two heady lives

I want to enclose my heart


I hope you like it…. and I hope you like the rest of the collection which is to follow shortly… Lizzie x

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