Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Paintings …. the Promise

I am so happy I could almost cry…. the children… all of eleven years…who I took to my exhibition… loved my paintings and they actually understood the story…. it was so good watching them discover the meaning behind the series… it felt so good… I felt so happy and yet amazed at the astuteness of their minds…. and the emotion they showed when they all stood and gazed like open mouthed fish, to acknowledge their teacher …. ME.

One of the boys actually liked the painting of the face of the bride… which accompanies the poem … Behind My Eyes… here it is … you have already had a sneak view of the eyes..now you can see it all… please view my video. x




Behind My EyesDSC03874

In the state of undress

Walking forwards to be dressed in WHITE

Is this enough for me …is this it, for the rest of my life?

Will it be enough for ..THIS.. my commitment…to be a chosen wife?

Am I too expecting?


I wish for chaste insight?

Looking for a mirror……… ..Deep pools of heaviness I fight.

I have a beautiful heart

My dress it unfolds with lace

Upward is a dull sky

Is this a sign for my future space?

Will my love remain….a covered shelter?

Where no excitement steals my face!

Am I to be in my APPOINTED room?

Is this the man I planned, has it happened all too quick too soon

If I ever lose this MAN?….. The love I am to merge

Will my colours fade into cloudy days?

If I stare long enough will my fears disperse?

I’m being followed by my heavy heart

Worried.why is it, inside I cry?

Am I being negative and too absurd…I have thought behind my eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie where can your paintings be seen?