Friday, 19 October 2012

A Poem … for my Rainbow



Waiting for that formula for love is a rare find

I never knew a formula could hold a heaven to stop time

A chemistry fusion …understanding bruises


The fusion now moments …surviving love blasts

A connection to fizz…a hope fusion to last


These elements fall rockets from skies

Where insides…get lit…where elements fly


Inside these two arm folds… interactions’ take place

The richness and depth formed a sincere and sure space

A recipe blown in from chemistry lace


Colours fuse now hitting arc’s made from light

Holding pain they now vow to mix meld and blend their eye-sight


Losing is how love always wins

Everyone colours from bruises…


Bruised these two strong elements have fused

A taste once bitter in empty throats once bereft

Is to understand humans who abuse DSC04166


Formulas that work in a secure merging love….

A truth colour……. unbelievably vivid

Rainbows and Skies

Paintings ……….embracing going forward with living

A prescription fusion; for bruises

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