Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Radio 2 Janice Long

I always listen to Janice Long… she is the D.J after mid-night on Radio 2 …Late evening…. last evening she mentioned me… she asked people to contact her, to say where they would go and what they would do …. if life and time was not limited by commitment money and family….I told her I would go back to watch the swallow’s dive in Italy… in a Place called Casperia… I loved it so much.. it had a profound effect upon me… I would love to go back and sit a while and write walk and paint… three weeks would cure me…I would hire a car, go to Rome go and explore the countryside around this beautiful place and catch up with Maureen, and Johnny who live in this beautiful place…. someone has looked at this link I think from Italy…I am hoping it will be one of them…if you read this guys… I will hopefully meet you again one day…

I think when I do return I will take my i pad…. I bought it to paint with and help with my business… it is a great toy … I bought it to commemorate my mum , she died last January and when I draw on my i pad , I will always think of her… I am going to attach a photo of her… she is with my daughter… very soon after my grandson was born… she was so thrilled with him…I will draw, a painting of her on my i pad for you to look at when I get the hang of using it.

Thanks mum… you were amazing, and I miss you so…. I will find using this i pad amazing because of you… you xx

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