Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Have You Ever Had Wait

Have you ever had to wait

Inside your brain just heaves and sighs

…tomorrow maybe better

entangled knots holding fires

High is a rope

Climbing crampons digging weather sky

Entering unknown oxygen

Desiring  aiming high

Marks lay connections folding dawns

I assemble from my heart

Watching Irises form

Souls imparting journey charts

I paint eyes beneath the clay

I paint held fragile cores

I paint the room behind still days

I have a wait …my desire exploding my artistic orb

Reflecting all that has been…

Waiting I know I hold much more


by Lizzie Marshall….I hope you can feel the emotion which is to feel a wait.


I have written the above, reflecting on my emotional self, for I long for a one time chance, will it be mine to be given to. I know I am not in charge of this. It is the Universe to decide. Here’s to the decision.

I know my desire to have this is very strong. I will wait.

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