Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I love to Write and attach my paintings to my Work…..I was inspired by the Sunset and a Light

The Orange Field

There is a spider in an old house beyond an orange field
a girl who comes to visit him
..... wonders through the lanes at dusk
picking oranges underneath a harvest yield
Inside the old house is a light source...through a chink finding little light
Over head a sunset a colour hue
Walls can tell stories
Memories musing to ignite
A story of a strong light, one that once she viewed
Years pass….a nanny now
boy’s, hit parade a school
Playing, these children
a life line ...happy smiles
Laughing pink blossom linked in togetherness miles

Stood with many strangers
ones deaf, some very blind
wasted care and time with them
lessons for hours; life claim
Years acting, leaving lonely, strong held wings to find
a trend repeated bad timing, heart heavy, but one, could make it climb
Far away beyond this field, is a void

… Tried, but cannot reach
Coming, again and again a voice that calls
a connection incomplete
Wishes; light to enter

To be within again
White feathers float down; warm spirits
holding beliefs looking after heartfelt strain
Sat in the chink of a window
a spider catches light
weaving his catcher web; innocent stranger eaten; stay alive

Watching self- living
tricking those who fall
Describes past land harboured
....lessons learnt, streams ..good-for-nothing souls
This girl who comes to visit
Suffered; learnt this
a double Wind character
Is an inner strength, passion painterly descriptive gift
Spreading orange warmth
Red haired light in an orange field
Helping, it understands
life is connected to timing .... Time destiny deals

Poem ….. Lizzie Marshall…2013

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