Sunday, 24 February 2013

Streaming Happiness Vows

I have just come back from the place where my paintings which you saw a glimpse off in the past blog(go look its there)…have just gone on display at an old hall called Cusworth Hall ,,,near Doncaster South Yorkshire… I have been so touched by the publics connection to them… I have had lots of fantastic feed back from today… and the paintings are to stay on display in the hall for the foreseeable future  I am so thrilled that the curator wanted to have them stay in the Hall for others to look at.. it made my heart sing… hope you like them to… I am posting them below with the poem which I have written about connection to fusion of Love… and how we don’t have a clue where it will come from… it seems to just happen … we never know when or how or who with… please leave me some comments… photo (3)photo (4)


photo (6)

photo (5)


Streaming Happiness Vows

Happiness a pillow where you lay your head now

You are yearning to sleep

But gazing won’t let your eyes gather

Will there be an hour….a name

For this a time of day….to go towards the morning

Which appears beyond the trees?

A vanishing point a line a new horizon

Let the unconsciousness come

Allow awakening for your time

Waiting to speak of marriage

Pausing to view the pinks

To attach two hearts with wedding rings

You long to hear your name

For this unison

When your lust for colour is so bright

You see painted new hope, with colours of light

Aching you yearn for these eternity days

These colours to link

To walk

To run

To hold

Remaining when spirits float

Flying attached by the wind

Toward your eye in a sunset sun

A sure colourful light to unfold in outer new space

When you lie awake staring through the air

Shall you muse at each vision to arise into form?

An exquisite heaven

Pink and orange born

Rainbow colours that escape

Where angels form and fly with wings

You hope to view where magenta sings

Connected days will paint your future dawn

At Cusworth you can declare this voice

Streaming colour

Vows can be made for happiness choice

Lizzie Marshall …. Painter/Teacher/Poet

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